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    I think about you all night
    When you're gone I dream of you
    Write your name upon my window
    You're perfect

    I see the moon is out tonight
    See your silhouette so bright
    It only lights your beauty
    You're perfect

    Come to me with an open hand
    I'm never gonna leave
    I'm gonna make you understand
    Look at me with a tear- stained smile
    Forever in my dreams, you're perfect girl
    You're perfect (Perfect in every way)

    I won't ever say goodbye
    I won't ever make you cry
    As long as you are in my arms
    You will never need to fear
    Just as long as I am here
    As long as you are in my arms

    Come lay down here beside me
    And lay a kiss upon my face
    And say you're mine forever
    You're perfect

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