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    Now what do you wana do
    Ah, yea come on, Another Level

    Verse 1
    Why you wana come around and step upon my scene
    You tried to playa hate, but you aint gon' play me
    What you looking for
    Something to floor
    The talent that you see
    Get a hold of yourself
    Find something else
    Stop tryna be me

    Why would you think you could walk in my shoes
    You can take inspiration but don't break the rules

    Now let me make this real clear
    I don't know what you could want from me
    I'm asking you just let me be
    There's nothing left to see here
    Can't you see there's something wrong
    I'm telling you to move along

    Verse 2
    Everybody's talking like they best friends with me
    Just because they see me on the D-V-D
    On the radio
    I'm good to go
    When I'm home alone
    Like to take it slow
    Sit back relax
    Let my interests grown
    That's just the way I flow



    Verse 3 (Dane)
    I'm just an ordinary guy
    With tendencies to be shy
    Why you think i'm so cool
    Don't you think, that i could be
    Just like you
    I'm just me


    Sitting in the club
    I know you know my name
    You step to me
    Like i'm the one to blame
    You don't know
    I'm just the same
    As you and him, and his friend and his woman (o yeah)


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