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    Another level baby,
    With another one
    I just like the way we uh..
    Play that kissing game
    Something about the way you uh..
    I like your tongue
    The way you touch me
    The way you tease me
    The way you freak me
    And most of all, the way you kiss me

    Verse 1
    All summer long,
    We've been together
    And I've never felt so good
    Cos when i'm with you
    It's such a good time
    Yes it is
    And when you get next to me
    You make my heart beat fast
    You threw me bak with our smile
    Cos when we're alone
    I know we're in love
    Cos i can't get enough

    Chorus x 2
    (I like the way)
    You kiss me when we're playing that kissing game
    (I like the way)
    You keep me looking forward to another day

    Verse 2
    We got it good
    We have it all it seems, we are living dreams
    This is our time
    Cos we were meant to be
    Just you and me
    This is still new
    We're still young at heart
    And break in two
    But I know or love
    Will always be there


    Bridge x 2
    Everytime i think about the way that you do me babe
    I like th way that you do me babe
    Everytime i think about the things that you do to me
    I like the thngs that you do to me


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