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    Why do we argue the way we do
    Can't you see girl that i, i'm in love with you
    And it hurts (it hurts so bad)
    To see you cry (to see you sad and blue)
    When i'm needing you the most
    But you feel (you feel someone)
    When no one (will take the place of you)
    And i don't wanne be alone


    No i don't wanne be alone no more
    Do you believe in love like i do
    No i don't wanne be alone no more
    Do you believe in love like i do

    Don't hide the way you feel for me no more (no more)
    Just because we're miles away doesn't mean i'm insecure
    And it hurts (it hurts so bad)
    To hear you cry (when i can't hold you)
    And you're needing me the most
    I feel (i feel the same)
    Never chance (and i'll always love)

    (repeat chorus)


    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Seeing shorty at the club
    Lying around the block
    Say i know a better place if you down me right
    Too many clowns in this spot
    No, i don't bump like that
    Goes to where i have a beer and a shot of jazz
    And after that we can head back to the crib
    And i can show you just how bachelors live
    But i'm sick of being alone,
    Waiting for the phone,
    For cutie to call with the bootie call
    Rock-a-fella y'all

    Don't run away from my love that you need
    Don't turn away from my love you will see
    You are the reason that i wanne live
    And i want you to remain with me

    (repeat chorus 3 times)

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