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    Hold everything
    You've got to if you need to flow
    I couldn't think
    I was hoping on that nebula
    Hold everything
    I couldn't if you need to flow

    I needed him
    But Lord, you know it's sin to sin
    Hold everything
    When will you notice that it's ... ?
    When will you go?
    When will you see
    That we are on our own
    Let go of everything
    You know it's only ...

    Shower me with kisses blue
    Don't do those things
    Ooh that the other people do
    Let it lie, I feel fine
    Empower me all the time

    You know that I feel fine
    You know you wanna use it
    You know that I feel fine
    And I know you won't abuse it

    I hope everyday's gonna feel like this
    And hope everyday i'm gonna use it

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