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    How many times
    Does it take to say goodbye ?
    How many moves
    Has the mistress of disguise?
    And if a cyclone rules my heart
    Deceit is sure to loot the past

    How many times
    For every single day?
    We're lost in the sea
    Solely left to pray
    And if she ever could control
    i'm swimming in the green and gold
    I am

    It's a pagan lust
    I'm your brown cocoa
    Silver glistens as the palm trees
    Whisper your name
    Your hand in my heart
    beat until there is no time
    Just space

    How many times
    Does it take ?
    How many moves
    Does she make?
    And if that cyclone rules my heart

    Let it all just drift away
    Just left this ceaseless life
    And tell me what to say
    And it seemsthat I will never get it right
    And it's all because the mistress of disguise

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