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    Arabian queen right on the scene
    Riding along in her cinematic dream
    I am the queen of this harem
    I got my veil on and i'm feeling serene

    Arabian highs, bear the sundown sigh
    Let's gather round the hookah
    Blowing circles to the sky
    Arabian dreams everybody seems ...
    And she says ...

    Hold on her heels taht swinging girl of sin
    With her jewel-encrusted gown
    And her belly swinging brown
    Sold all her sins and everybody sway

    Through the hazy days

    With rubies on her toes everybody knows
    She's the queen of the sand
    The desert and the land
    A breeze like mango kulli
    A little hoochie koochie
    And she says ...

    Cocooned in silken shrouds
    And jasmine scented clouds
    She's the queen of the harem
    You know who wears the crown
    She teases and she sleazes
    You know it never ceases
    When she does her voodoo

    (Sweet as almond honey
    A lick of chunky monkey
    She's sticky like jalebi
    i don't wanna hear a maybe)

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