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    I woke up today
    In the apartment of a stranger
    I was so certain
    That it was my own door
    That i unlocked last night
    But, there may be someone here
    Who has disguised all my rooms
    All my rooms


    Later in the day
    A figure came through the door
    A shadow that barely nearly touched my body
    Then moving its mouth persistently
    Open and shut
    Open and shut

    I'm searching while i'm screaming out to them :
    'Now you may come out
    Come out
    Now you may come out'

    As i walk around searching
    And wondering whether this may be
    A conspiracy by the figure and them
    I hear someone laughing
    From inside the closet
    There's someone in the closet
    Someone in the closet

    I push the door open
    And stare straight into my home
    I have found them all

    Ooh, i'm searching
    No longer now
    That I can join laughter
    Laugh at everything
    Now that I can join in

    Just one of those days
    Just one of those days

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