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    The sun is rising
    Golden streaks in the sky
    In a handful of water
    She's drowing leavings of the night

    She's putting on white long dress
    Flowing like the morning haze
    It's gonna be a lovely day ...

    She's going to the garden
    She's hiding there

    She talks to the flowers
    Only they kmow all secrets of her soul
    She gives them love care
    They give her reason to be proud

    Lilys daisies rosemary
    Only you can understand
    Things imposibille to say

    She's hiding in the garden
    Far away from yesterdays and tomorrows

    Once she used to cry
    Now her dreams are quite and plain
    In the tender arms of green
    She slowly learns how to forget

    Every lonely night is better
    Then pretending face to face
    But sometimes it's so hard to take

    She's hiding in the garden
    She's gonna stay there for a while
    Maybe longer
    Leave her alone

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