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    I put a rose
    Upon your pillow
    Where you rest your hair
    I felt kind of artificial, clumsy
    Putting it right there

    There's a rose
    Upon your pillow
    An open wound painfully sharp
    It's the perfect sign
    You never know how long it's going to last

    Tell me, Will you come back?
    Oh, Dearest, I must go away
    Every time we hold each other
    This could be our final day

    There's a rose
    Upon our pillow
    Staring us in the face
    Telling us to do something
    Before it gets too late

    I stare
    At your pillow
    Where we lay side by side
    Tightly wrapped together
    Safe from the outside

    In the shadows
    Of early morning
    When the village is sound asleep
    In the silence
    Before the birds sing
    I can hear her gently weep

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