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    After the initial shock
    Of not having what you've got
    And your body drops away
    Nothing has really changed
    That's frightening and its strange
    And no one can hear what you say

    And everything just lingers on
    Like an echo of your favourite song
    It was so simple after all
    But now you're on the other side of the door

    Will you drive an outrageous Cadillac
    Wear cowboy boots and a funny hat
    And speed through the lights downtown?
    Is there an eternal Fate?
    Will you see your eternal lover's face,
    As you crash into the Milky Way?

    Knock-knock, let me in
    It's cold outside in this cosmic wind
    Knock-knock, let me in
    Just for tonight

    Been to heaven, been to hell
    Lost my heart in cheap hotels
    Been doing this for so many years
    Now it doesn't matter what I wear,
    How I look, what I own, if I care
    But where is this guiding light?

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