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    Let's play the guitar
    Let's tap our feet
    Let's sing of love
    To make us all weep

    Let's fill up our hearts
    And empty our minds
    Give ourselves to the music
    And dance outside Time

    Let's sway our bodies
    Like the wind bends the trees
    Let’s sing this melody
    To cure our disease

    Ah, sweet magic
    Ah, this sweet, cruel magic

    Let's fly through perfumed dreams
    On a tapestry of lovers’ words
    From the first burning kiss
    To the loss and the hurt

    Here, the ladies wear their dresses tight
    The men, their peacock suits
    The moon comes out every night
    In a sky of midnight blue

    We, who have loved
    We, who have been loved
    Ah, this sweet, cruel magic
    We did it all for Love

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