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    Oh, I just found out, I've been tripping on the shadows of my doubts
    If you backed them up, the way we're taught to hide
    A rage that's ripping at me from all sides
    And I said my sister, my sister twists, and there's nothing I can do
    You make me feel so little

    If you backed it up, to the times when I
    Trusted, oh I trusted all the time
    But nothing that I'll ever do can heal the holes that they bore through
    Oh lee oh lee infrey in my mind

    Brother Sun, Sister Moon, stand beside give me some room
    I'm falling down from the sky

    You make me feel so little

    I don't know why - I lied, I lied
    I don't know why - It's dark inside
    It could be my pride
    If someone had watched over me, if someone had protected me
    Can someone bring me in out from the cold?

    Brother Sun, Sister Moon, stand aside give me some room
    My Mother Earth, My Father Sky, where do I go when I die? I go east...

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