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    [Intro: Angie Martinez (N.O.R.E. in background)]
    Yea, ok...
    Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh...
    Yea, uh, yo, uh

    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    They call me "Digalo" Angie
    Rippin' the arenas in Miami
    Slippers in the sand beach, c'mon dance with me
    Or the chulos in white tees (yea)
    You ain't peeped the Billboard on Jimmy's
    Then I guess you cannot see
    You wanna party wit me, da-to
    Only big dogs invited, no gatos
    Quite though, what's with all the questions, whoa
    Why you asking? I'm all in wit my friends embarrassing
    Be easy, you wanna get up close and personal?
    Cop the CD, if not leave me
    I'm bout to bag somethin', why you blocking?
    Cause your man in Timbs is home watchin'?
    I'm a pro, mangu on the stove
    Chancletas and a robe, my crew at the show
    Big Pun in my heart, esperate how it go? it go
    [Men chanting]

    [Chorus: N.O.R.E. (2x)]
    It go esperate, hold on, legs so strong
    We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on
    You know what's "papichu", and playing "capicu"
    And tell them chicks that they can all come around too

    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    Andre mia amor, I would love to date you
    Soon as I come off tour
    I like papis from Cuba, Colombia, Bermuda, Peru or Ecuador
    We got PR, DR, Mexico, Panama
    Guatama' pa's wit flags in their cars
    This is for the Jose's, Juan's, Claudio's
    Broadway, LES, en el bario
    Bronx, Fernando's, only trabajando
    On the calle, watchin' for bandos
    These - Orlando, Victor's, Tony's
    Who pick up and hold me, put away your Rolly
    I like 'em low key, oh you blow trees?
    I got half an o-z you shoulda' told me
    I get the groceries and 'Pac's CD
    Now everybody sing my part with me, c'mon


    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    Hard level to the quarters at the fight screaming "Ti-to!"
    Or at the table all night, more heat though
    Whachu know about the Chimmy-Cherry?
    And don't forget, I need a cab para tu me le tumbe le
    Come down - BK, uptown - NY to LA
    Everything's still "Suavemente"
    Para mi jente, after the show
    Everybody get your freak on (sawago-sawago)
    All my eses, Etey
    This is the casa con anamo anamo
    You know what's that? Angie the Old G
    I can be a girl, and be your "Cold D"
    And we can go eat, see, I'm a keeper
    All I ask is for me to see you in wife beaters
    And in them nice sneakers
    He like me? I don't doubt him
    Word? You got feelings for me? then cop two albums!


    [Men Chanting]
    Esperate, hold on, legs so strong
    We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on!
    We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on!

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