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    [Intro: Angie Martinez]
    Yea... wooo!
    Uh, the animals are here
    Yea, Angie, coolin' Dre
    Uh alright, yes sir
    Here we go, yo, c'mon

    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    I got a call from my girls around eight
    'Bout that Friday spot
    Round 12 hit the highway stop - I need gas
    Car behind me, on my ass, speed past
    Turn the radio on it's my joint
    Got me amped, I need to dance
    Pull up in the truck and it ain't my man's
    You screaming "hey yo" you don't got a chance son
    You are speaking a language I don't understand
    Know the dude I hang wit, I don't hold his hand
    Cause me I'm free to choose
    It's possible to leave wit you
    When we get through, I drive passenger seat for you
    Let's ride, and when I arrive
    Walk past the line damn his ass is fine
    Some guy now we up in the spot, watch
    Place hot, couple of bottles, champagne popped (yeah yeah)
    And that's how we doin' it now
    I'm scheming while the DJ's movin' the crowd

    [Chorus: Kelis + (Angie)] (2x)
    I was wondering
    If I could take you home (if I could take you home)
    But would you still love me baby (would you still love me babe)
    If I could take you home

    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    It's around 2 AM, the mood is trend
    The club is snug, I see him watching, love is love
    Caught him when I looked up, gave him a glance
    Promote-a-Chick walked over while I'm shaking her hand
    I'm looking over her
    Sorry but I'm waiting for this man
    Is what I told her, so she could leave
    No breaking up my plans
    No time for talking about shows
    Or dates that I could host
    Damn, he walking over to me, they breaking out the jokes
    My girls laughing, they see me already imagining
    He whispered in my ear
    Would I dance with him? I answered him
    He took my hand with him, dancing close
    I turned around and gave him my back, he passed a smoke
    He put his hand on my hip then my stomach, he must want it
    And I was really just 'bout to leave, his clique fronted
    Like they don't see that they man bout to tell 'em peace
    And to think I wasn't even gonna go out, see?


    [Verse: Angie Martinez]
    All I need is my lip gloss, ID, gum and I'm straight
    Especially if it's Envy in Bungalow Eight
    We making it hot on the dance floor today
    But my girls wanna leave cause there's nothing to take
    Nothing to meet, spot dead, nothing to see
    Then we all agree that we won't leave
    Cause some spots the papi's still come at three
    That's when I tell the DJ to run that please
    He dancing behind me, I feel what's under his jeans
    And I had one too many so I'm under his scheme
    I mean I'm cool and the gang, the music is playing
    Think I found what I'm looking for
    Ain't no purpose in waiting
    Almost time for breakfast
    Standing by the coat checkers
    Looking for my parking lot ticket, that's it!
    And this night just ended
    Can't say with who, what, or where but it'll definitely be remembered


    [Outro: Kelis]
    Would you be my boyfriend? {3X}
    For tonight only
    Would you be my boyfriend? {3X}
    For tonight

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