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    He was all I wanted, late night talkin,
    on the phone till daylight often,
    at home he came thru, dinner on the table,
    plate bites lost him, the love was strong then,
    we went for walks then, then I lost him,
    I mean he's still her but I ignore him,
    cuz hes too busy for me,
    he comes around a few minutes then leave,
    things aint the way they used to be,
    then I met this guy right down the street,
    and this is what he said to me

    hello good lookin, tell me how are you,
    every time i see you baby, lookin so
    good,let me show you girl, i can be so good

    I tryed to work things out, bring things back
    arguments started, you dont know how to act,
    coulda brought up the fact, that today i met this new dude,
    and i dont need ta say it, he probly woulda thought i was playin,
    and he probly woulda said stop playin,
    but this bullshit I'm about to stop, takin,
    cuz this new guy's about to drop, waitin,
    i aint playin, he played him self,
    need space need time, oh well, you can have all the space in the world, and
    your man might have found a new girl

    even though you dont know me, what can i do,
    let me see you girl, one saturday afternoon,
    let me show you girl, i can be so good

    every girl need's affection, not somebody whos stressin,
    hope he learned his lesson, cuz in one direction,
    you cant see to the left and, you're stuck wit a dumb fuck,
    who dont understand that one truck, dont matta to you,
    no car crib either, just you and him in a two seata,
    but they always find out when its too late,
    tellin me to wait, no you wait,
    wait till you see me in his arms,
    and understand that I'm gone

    hello good lookin, tell me how are you,
    i see you girl, walkin that avenue,
    let me show you girl, i can be so good

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