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    [CHORUS: Angie and Lil' Mo]
    Even though you got no money
    Other chicks be actin funny
    It don't matter boy cuz I got love for you
    (a nice guy that like to fuck alot)
    I'm so tired of all these playaz
    And I don't mean to be a hater
    But I know just what I'm lookin for
    (a nice guy that like to fuck alot)

    [Verse 1]
    This is for my on the low niggas
    Average joe niggas
    You know, I'm tallkin plain ol' niggas
    Big up, big up all the regular dudes
    Appreciate 'em after dealin wit a playa or two
    What I'm sayin to you, is all the ice is nice
    But a girl get tired of payin the price
    See it aint what we eat, it's how we do
    I like Mr. Chal, but we can do BBQ
    Fuckin wit you, you gon get to my heart
    We can chill, crack jokes, smoke a L in the park
    And when it come to lovin, you go hard...
    Yeah, now that's really what a girl want
    And uh, nobody can do me
    Like you, so you the one that I'm givin it to
    For rich or tore up, I'm in it wit you
    For you fake smooth niggas, I'm finished wit you
    Beat it


    [Verse 2]
    Yo, yo, uh
    I shine, you shine
    Gotta alotta big things playa that's nice
    I don't wanna knock your hustle but I know your kind
    And I don't trust ya so I'm lookin for mine
    Not tryin to sell me the gathos, not poppin bottles
    Not tryin to stick it to models
    You know misled bitches, after your riches
    Try to throw me in the mix don't even notice a difference
    I don't like Coogie sweaters anyway
    I like a nigga in a hoodie better anyday
    I'm not a chick-en, I'm not to be tricked on
    Matter fact you the rea-son
    That I, don't wanna get with playaz no more
    I wanna low key nigga fo' sho
    You don't really gotta be my boyfriend
    I'm sayin though...


    [Tony Sunshine]
    But I got Cristal ven aqui
    Mami, let me buy your love
    But I got platinum ven aqui
    Mami, let me buy your love

    [Playa {Angie} skit]

    I'm sayin though girl can we talk for a minute though?
    I got some things I wanna talk to you about
    y'know, don't front girl
    {What is it, what is it, that you have that I need}
    I'm sayin , I got alotta stuff you see the ice
    you see the way I'm flossin, aint nobody in this club
    flossin like me, they don't got what I got, y'knowhatimsayin?
    I got good looks, I got furs
    {Right, really, what are you... what are you bringin to me that I need
    in my life...}
    I'm bringin to you a good lookin nigga wit alotta things man,
    aint too many niggas that can offer you alotta things and good looks
    at the same time though, y'knowhatimsayin, you smell that...
    {Tell you what...}
    I got cars...
    {You got cars?}
    I got houses, I got what you need, what you need?
    {But the thing is, the thing is I got a job }
    You gotta be out?
    {No I gotta job}
    Oh you gotta job?
    {Right so I have things }
    What your job gotta do wit a nigga like me, you won't have to work no more girl
    {But I like to work, I like...}
    I'm sayin I know you like to work, you can work on me, y'knawmean
    {That's really special}
    {That's really special}
    That's real special, I'm a special nigga, I'm sayin I got what you need...
    {You are a special nigga, you are a special, special nigga}
    I see you sippin all that Mo', what you need, you want some Cristal?
    {No I'm good all I... you know... I got a job like I told you so If I really needed
    some Cristal I could really just... go to the bar and buy myself a bottle of Cristal
    what I'm askin you, is what you, are bringin to the table}
    I'm bringin alotta things to the table,
    I mean I offered you ice, cars, cribs, whatever you need
    and I don't even know you like that but I'm...

    [Tony Sunshine]
    But I got platinum ven aqui
    Mami, let me buy your love...

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