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    DJ Clue.. Desert Storm.. Angie Martinez.. Prodigy..
    Live from New York nigga..

    Uhh.. uhh.. yo-yo, uhh, yo
    They say it ain't where you from that it's where you at
    But where I'm from, y'all can tell, don't matter where I'm at
    Born and bred in the streets of New York, New York
    It's evident in the way that I talk-a-talk
    I travel abroad by the Concorde, with a Clue tape (Clue!)
    Stop in Sicily and tell 'em they pizza fake
    And I keep the faith in the Knicks, them fuckers
    And I'm quick to get slick with the lip and word to mother
    love a dude with a doo-rag, from where we suffer
    from growin up too fast, I'm a rude ass bitch when I need to be
    But I'm cool as shit if you real with me, you feelin me?
    I never sleep like my city when it's time to get this money
    Got game, spot game, so don't act funny (hah hah)
    We the block, we the ave, we the Bronx, we Manhattan
    From Staten, to Long Island, we make it happen, out in

    [Chorus: Prodigy + Clue {ad libs}]
    [P] The city, the buildings
    [P] The big rotten apple, old timers and children
    [P] We trendsetters
    [P] We gave birth to rap music, y'all niggaz know better
    [P] The latest fashion, listen
    [P] We get our jewels from the Diamond District
    [P] The brave, the great
    [P] The Eastside nigga, the Empire State

    Nigga we gangsta, we dress to kill
    We on some real live Mobb shit, pullin up in trucks flossin
    The bosses, we scare 'em straight, it's not a game
    how we bully shit, you fuck around and get your food ate boy
    My razor make your face ke-loid
    Then I throw my drink at you (woo!) just to make that shit burn
    We make heads turn when we step in
    You starin at my piece swingin, it might hypnotize you
    Dunn, we never had to tuck our chains
    Marquis diamonds all up in your face
    We the hood, we the projects, we Brooklyn, we Queens
    In the streets, our music is murder, ya heard me?
    It's P (yeah) loud and clear, it ain't fair
    how I keep droppin that shit that make you look stupid
    Me and Angie, got the hottest shit movin on the block right now
    Y'all bitches bow down, to..


    Yo, we don't negotiate, we move on impulse
    You try to insult me and my associates
    So that note, we let the guns speak on our behalf
    We got dough to keep dirt up off our hands
    C'mon, we the M-O-B-B nigga
    We the Mobb, who the fuck did you think it was?
    Step aside youngbloods when you see New York niggaz come through
    Silent murder, that's how we do

    Out in NEW YORK, NEW YORK - where they tend to wild out
    Who am I? Everything bitches pretend to be about
    Angie, yeah baby, you thought it was me
    Notoriously, N.Y.C. and y'all can see
    I'ma be that chick you remember for life
    I got, niggaz sick tryin to make me they wife
    I'm in the 5 overdrive as I glide across the bridge
    Rockin my sunglasses, signin pictures for the kids
    I demolish from Tribeca to Hollis
    +Sky's the Limit+ like Chris Wallace - you can't stop it
    Comin through respect due cause I'm the people's choice
    Stop actin new yo, cause you know I'm the voice of


    Big shout to Queens, Brooklawn..
    Uptown, the B.X., L.I., Shaolin, Y.O.

    Desert Storm, Roc-A-Fella, it's William nigga.. Holla!
    Hev. E Components nigga, we built like that!

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