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    Welcome to "Animal House"
    The animals are in the building
    It's a new day

    Angela... Better known as
    (We are animals... Animal House... wut we are... animals)
    Uh yeah uh yeah uh uh uh yeah uh uh
    All I could do is give you me if you choose to believe it's on you
    I live in peace I could sleep but I don't choose I'ma animal the promos, the station, the
    movies rap Rebecca Lobo
    I run elbows with people you couldn't a "Hello" from with a mask and a gun you don't gotta ask
    how come or where I'm at
    I work! I wanna make that clear to cats nuttin's free and no you can't run to me, I'm ten years
    deep you to young for me
    You could sleep while I drop album #3 and
    Yeah you could hate but somebody lovein me evidently #1 at 3 with videos on MTV
    You could learn from me then it's back to the streets
    can't be serious
    (Haha that isn't funny)
    album still sold can't be curious

    Animals that's how it is that's how we are
    Walk with our heads up high cuz we
    Animals-straight beasts 18 hours a day work no sleep
    We are animals that's how it is that's what we are we are animals
    Walk with our heads up high cuz we animals- straight beasts
    18 hours a day work no sleep

    You ain't know em like the highway patrol I stay on a roll like Joe Smooth on your back I got
    creative control
    A vocal coach shows singas how to flow when our engineers songs we verb highs and lows if the
    shyt ain't clear
    This year I hope you chose to retire or expire cuz what I propose is a resonation
    Cuz the animals is aqua now and all your deticated fans is rolling with me now
    I gotta lock to the 5 0 1 n 3 now you gotta watch you can rhyme doin them free styles
    I rather not just do it I make records and write sixteen bars in 500 seconds
    It?s Sacario AKA Mr. Guntalo BDS news track my spins is a problem so BMI throw me parties my
    publicin is lots a dough we animals get me and ?ang? espacio


    Look I?ma professional (ima professional) I?m not stressing you I do what?s best for me you do
    what?s beast for you (best for you)
    I?m not concerned with the bullshyt never was (never was) I?m wouldn?t check that respect that
    I meant cuz bloods, kings, nietas, and zulus (zulus) all over this world most who do you
    I put in work interviews, shows, promos, rehearseals, reverse moves, (all a that) shows back to
    No time for self, (none nigga) drive through diner no time for my health (i'm dyin'? hehe)
    I wonder how I?m serviving my self (angie OG baby got the title in belt
    Queen (quueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen) of hip-hop radio through the many years blood sweatin tears
    (be clear) happy to be here on the sequel I?m still working?
    I know you got hate in your blood it?s still hurtin?

    [Chorus x2]

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