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    Yo, uh
    The animals are here
    It's a new day...yo yo uh

    It's about being close to the ground
    like dope fiends and not even fallin'
    Some people frontin' now they keep callin'
    But that's life, ain't no grudge in my heart
    I could sleep mornings, that's the business
    I just keep that shit apart, that's the wisdom

    In my position get hard, I deal wit people from far
    Very few I keep close, that's how you keep from the scars
    You gotta move like a ghost, cause some people are stars
    And all of a sudden.. they forgot who they are

    But look at me I'm still Angie, back wit a plan B
    It's a new day you could sit down or stand me
    I just try to be an example, bringin' the animal out
    When everybody doubting underhand me
    Its ample time, If you could not see the big picture
    Cause there's plenty ladies like me I'm a big sista
    Always on the grind through whatever you say
    And just incase you ain't clear its okay
    It's a new day!

    [Chours1: 2x]
    If you need it to be, (uh) Then it can be (yea)
    It happen for me, It's a new day (a new day)

    [Chours2: 2x]
    Keep hoping, Keep focus
    Approaching, up, A new day

    Reaction to my first verse in a year it was clearly unexpected
    Me on a record, We must yea agree it was hectic
    Getting here half sleep and eating breakfast in my chair
    How I feel, it's a new day now, that's for real
    I was prepared to deal wit, whatever was given
    People dissecting what I'm spitting on, not giving me a chance
    Listen and understand, they ain't know how to react
    Off my 16 bars on that track, "She out or she back Damn"
    Then came a record ("If I could go")
    I'm not saying my shits perfected
    But if I could go's the beginning accept it, connected
    You already know, yes is an automatic question
    Automatically answered cause I'm flowing like you never heard
    Why second one it can't be said in words
    Except it had to be done, in other words I'm leaving on top
    You mad at me huh, believe it won't stop
    The love it's much stronger you can not break my hunger

    [Chorus1: 2x]
    [Chorus2: 2x]

    See they love for you to give up, can't wait for you to slip up
    As soon as you hit rock bottom, they never picking you up
    Or never picking you out, they always out when you pick
    But when your outfits is sick, or you got a hit
    Then every other word is, "No Doubt,
    When can we go out, When can we grab lunch," I only get mad once
    Cause when you get mad twice you sacrifice then a punch
    And then a situation jumps so I grab a blunt
    Roll it and spark it cause you media targets
    Pictures is blatant ya know what I'm saying
    This ain't ancient this is today shit
    but it's a new day shit no games get played shit
    No time get wasted, I learn from the worst situations ("yep")
    And I made it, everything I had in my heart I pushed and gave it
    So when I say it's a new day I mean it
    Cause when it's the truth you must agree shit!

    [Chorus1: 2x]
    [Chorus2: 2x]
    ya hear me singing

    [Chorus1: 2x]
    [Chorus2: 2x]
    we on our way
    animal house

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