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    I am the warfare
    Blasting in from blazing horizons
    I am the abyssic lust
    Tasting blood from the lips of the dying

    Plague bearer
    World shatterer

    I am the reaper's blade
    Writhe sadistic merciless
    I am become death
    Caressed by pallid fingers
    I am the cruelty
    That chaos doth evoke
    Bearer of the black standard of war
    When abyss winds return

    Mountains smashed - crumble down
    Bring to boil a sickly sea
    Dance in the ashes of my enemies
    10,000 years of victory

    Plague bearer
    World shatterer

    I am the flames
    That feast upon your fears
    I am the lingering coals
    Spawn of blessed cremation
    I am the malignant goal
    Of our funerary sacrifice
    A Phoenix born of the Fallen Age
    When abyss winds return

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