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    Corvus corax descending
    Through ashes smoke and pain
    Stark sepia sigil of strength
    The revealing stench of victory

    Lycanthropic ripping death
    A baptism in annihilation
    Drips from the jaws and howls
    An ultimate oblivion conceived

    A solution for flesh and bone
    The morbid throne the strong revere

    With genocide
    Our might makes right
    Where charnal houses
    Leer at the world
    Where crown and cudgel
    Rains from the skies

    Withered rotted bodies unburied
    Lay piled in stacks instead
    Vermin swarm and vultures gather
    To feast upon the dead

    Anthemic holocaust and hate
    Stern lord of war and vengeance
    Rough beast slouching eternal
    Resolves the world to dust again



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