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    [Music & Lyrics Helmkamp]

    Awake! Sons of Vengeance rise
    Rub the dust of twenty centuries from your eyes
    Fashion your being: ploughshares into weapons of war

    Today we conquer the self - tomorrow the world

    Men of war defiant - to ashes fall the gods
    Apocalyptic deeds - fierce archonic might
    A knell a pall masking honored rites of spring
    The empyreal majesty of abyss winds

    An affirmation of struggle
    Like wolves closing in for the kill
    Making holy our war immortal this glorious night
    A brotherhood of iron - falling in we march
    Shout into the star shattered Dawn...

    We are Sons of Vengeance
    Blessed and bold
    Reborn in hate

    Fingers of scorn fists of furious destruction
    Discipline of steel beyond the roar of all war
    Unleashed lightning storm brigades to be
    Powerful creative joyous and free


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