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    Chaos infinite- majesty of execration
    Squatting proud upon the throne of abomination
    Death profane burns bright- supreme
    Consuming foetid flesh of the nazarene

    Rites of scourge- immolated flesh
    Imbibe the sorrow storm of impiety
    A serpent entwined in the horns of the goat
    Of withered angels wretched debris


    Tyrant of solitude and desolate beauty
    The scaled and blooded claws of the mighty
    A king for kings to victory betrothed
    Vestige of mercy with filth befouled

    Winged shadow simulacrum
    Tenebrous dirge- ensanguined drums of war
    Iron, blood and blasphemy affirmation
    With grinning sepulchre as altar

    He who leaps the loftiest of mountains
    Pride and proscription now abhorred
    Smoldering in exile- eternal
    Azazael: awful lord
    The flesh of Besz- venom of Apophrasz
    The Dragon steed of the Scarlet Fornicatrix
    Behold magnificence: Mega Therion
    Six hundred and sixty six

    An iron helm on horned brow crowning
    A warlord wreathed bold with lightning
    Obsidian splendor- of starless purity
    The bringer enflamed of dawns and destiny

    Of strength, cloven stature and wisdom unknown
    The wellspring from which all blasphemies flow
    The sadistic triumph for which I yearn
    The mighty inferno in which I burn...

    Smoldering in exile

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