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    Petals ripen glisten with yearning
    Sanctified vessel inflamed
    Fervent fingers twitch the gulf is closed
    Envelop the pillar of alabaster
    Cockroach entrenches in some awful orifice
    Excavating living tissue
    Barbaric caress - greased up and slick
    pain scraping a backwards bending

    Clamps smear open a warm paradise
    Ribcage and vertebral column contracted tight
    Bars stretched beneath the skin
    Lips pulled back and drawn for curing
    Penetrate - probing swollen infestation
    Fisted into comprehension
    Rigid so to bend contorted and suffer
    Straight jacket of sadism

    Sanguinary rite of passage
    Sweet tongues of fire
    Paroxims of union

    Judas tongue scrapes spit
    Bites the hand that feed it
    Infectious features baring cracked teeth
    Bleeding gums of joy


    Flaying souls breach the vestal wall
    Chorus of angels consortium of pain
    Enriched blood of freshly esoterica
    Mingles with man in fluid form
    Outpouring thrust pelvic abominations
    Thick film of sweat grim lubrication
    Soon to suckle maggots at her breasts
    Celebrate the palsied throes of innocence


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