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    [Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

    Cut off your nose to spite your face
    You cannot deny your natural desires
    Sell the soul away parade into oblivion
    Depravity transgress swallow the fear
    Filth decay pollute the conscience
    From violence was creation derived
    Winds of change cannot awake paralyzed minds
    Their choking utterances asphixiated


    Mankind innate as one
    Embracing the heart within himself
    Machine of war dwells beneath the flesh
    Enraged possessed by hell
    Willing chaos self-destruction
    The nihilist awakes to dawn
    Entropic predatory force
    Abort this putrid corpse


    Copulate - decimate
    Kings shall spawn from the soiled corpses
    Crematory reign
    Masturbate - desecrate
    Seed of hate spilled forth
    Absolute pain

    Perversity cancerous devouring minds
    The black miasma intrigues me
    Nefarious lurid erotic deeds
    Drown in malevolent dreaming
    Rancid stench death foreboding
    interrupts the futile thought of life
    Curse eviscerate damnation
    Rigor mortis silences any outburst

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