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    [Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

    Bearing at the edges of the world
    The hallowed arms of those
    Whom death hath struck down
    Warriors from the beyond
    In ranks both seen and unseen
    Of this the desolation
    Our enigmatic destiny

    Marching off to war
    Iron blood and blasphemy
    The unvanquished storm

    The war bringer unyielding
    Wield the greedy weapons
    Girded for battle
    Under victorious banner
    Ever more total
    Ever more occult
    Breaking the deafening silence
    My voice


    Lightning hammer of gods
    Uphold! Avenge! Arise!

    Blessed and bold ascension
    Like the firebearing star
    Through thousands of ordeals
    We are the sons of vengeance
    Cast them down
    Your cowardly impious eyes
    Our gate alone evokes
    A spell of destruction


    Our storm our war!

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