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    From beyond the multitude of stars
    Arktos ouros- lotus petals unfurled
    Portal to the vault of sun and lightning
    Zeta Ursa Majoris- arms outstretched
    Wheel to the chariot of the nightsky
    Gammadion give us our strength- begotten

    Through blood and flame
    In iron embrace

    The prophesied sign in the heavens
    A balance of firebolts and solar virtues
    The glyph of creation- father of all
    The Phoenix purifies- ashes to the wind
    Cleaves through the darkness of matter
    Hail the death defiant- Vindex arise!


    Pregnant lightning shatters frozen joy
    Foul frost creates from that which destroys
    In iron embrace
    Through blood and flame

    Yet the memories endure
    Of the final Avatara
    Through the flames of the great end
    Where lightning rains from the heavens
    And glory wakes to walk proud
    Through rites ripe with blood and faith
    Upon inviolate mountain peaks
    Where shines the rising sun

    Begotten (through blood and flame)
    In iron embrace

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