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    (yeah ohh yea ooh)
    slipping sliding
    free fall flying
    spinning, spiral, stripping around
    reeling, rolling tipping, toeing
    think were going underground

    it's a whole new world
    on the other side
    we can find our friend
    at the end of the line

    no matter where we fall
    or where we land
    i believe we're a part
    of a master plan

    who knows where
    (who knows where the journey ends)
    the journey ends
    (catch me if you think you can)
    take my hand
    (take my hand we're going to)
    we're going to wonderland (yeah)
    way up high
    (way up high i'll fly )
    we can fly
    (to a place where dreams come true)
    take my hand
    (take my hand we're going to)
    we're going to wonderland

    were going to
    (were going to)
    i'm going to
    (i'm going to)
    were going to wonderland -X's 2

    twisting, turning
    living, learning
    forever changing where we're at
    plotting, scheming
    hoping, dreaming
    two steps forward one step back

    look to the left
    look to the right
    (look to the right)
    look straight ahead,
    you'll see the light take a deep breath,
    then let it go (just let it go)
    together we'll travel down every road


    come on I wanna fly with you
    (i wanna fly with you)
    there's a place i wanna take you to
    (i wanna take you to)
    we're gonna make a dream come true
    (dream come true ohhh)
    take my hand were going to ...

    *Chorus* X's 2

    (yeaah yeaah)

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