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    Anytime you need a friend, you can count on me
    Anytime you're having doubts, you know I will believe
    Even through thick and thin, no matter where or when
    On me you can depend
    We are best friends

    Whenever there is something that is trying to knock you down
    Remember you can call me and we'll get your feet on solid ground
    You'll never have to worry, don't you ever walk in fear
    'Cause through it all you'll have someone who's always standing near

    Right by your side,
    If you need my strength, you can tell me
    There's nothing to hide


    You understand the battles we must go through every day
    If ever I am lost, I know that you will help me find my way
    I still remember all those times when I was feeling low
    You picked me up and said there's something I think you should know

    You're not on your own, whatever you're facing
    You don't have to face it alone


    As long as we're together, there's no mountain that we can't climb
    Through the good and the bad, happy or sad
    This friendship we have will last for all time


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