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    VERSE 1
    That boy is working you
    Be careful what you do
    They say he?s nothing
    But trouble with an attitude

    Well-meaning intervention
    My friends with good intentions
    Say if you don?t walk away,
    Girl you must be crazy

    They don?t see through these eyes
    They don?t feel with this heart
    They don?t know what it?s like
    They?re not kissin? your lips
    They?re not touching like this
    I feel the passion and the fire ignite me

    I don?t care what they say,
    I don?t care what they do
    They could lock me up forever,
    Try to stop me loving you
    They tried to keep Romeo and Juliet apart
    Baby, doesn?t matter what they say
    I only listen to my heart

    I don?t care what they do
    Nothin?s gonna stop me lovin? you
    I don?t care what they say
    I?m gonna love you anyway

    VERSE 2
    Your body feels so right
    Laying by my side
    And if the world should end tonight
    Baby I?d be satisfied
    I know you?re a better man
    Sorry they don?t understand
    You make me feel like I,
    Like I?ve never felt before


    Nobody can tell me how to feel
    Nobody can show me what is real
    Words can?t change what I know is true
    Nothin?s gonna stop me lovin? you


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