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    Dark eyes, shadows grim
    They come for me
    Midnight chimes, blackened earth
    The evils rise
    Pits of hate open wide
    Chasm of my dreams
    Last of chimes - monks arrive
    And take my mind again

    Waste polluted memories
    Acid rivers flow
    Vigil for this land's decay
    Sounding from below
    Dogs of war, Satan's own
    Plotting all their sins
    Weapons aimed at liberty
    My vision - no one wins

    Take my mind
    All the way
    The darkside calls
    I shan't resist

    Men forever rot in pain
    Mind machines control
    Toxic rains scouring brains
    Victimizing souls
    Winds of war suffocate
    Voodoo in the sky
    Breathe the gases, breathe no more
    My vision - all will die

    Take my mind
    All the way
    The darkside calls
    I shan't resist

    Cut myself and release the blood
    Pains of a thousand years
    Pathic sights - journey's end
    Descent into another world
    My time has come to meet the
    Masters... all the corporate lords
    I'm not afraid to face all their
    Trials - slavery - in the end they'll
    Still have no power over me

    Daylight shines blind my eyes
    Waken to another day
    Tribulation now has passed
    But the dreams remain
    Walls of sleep fade away
    Abandonment of wonders
    Monks of knowledge bid farewell
    And leave me with these visions
    From the darkside

    Visions - from the darkside

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