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    omniscient are the eyes that see beyond
    what we choose to see
    transcending of beliefs, that limit man's being
    the dogma that feeds the listless
    has thrived uncounted years
    impeding on ones perception
    of what is to be

    awaken to see
    a god of a desertion
    a god of lies

    enlightened by a way, deceiving
    only truth to the blind
    the salvation that you seek is empty
    no god of light
    the venom that has fed your faith
    you except with ease
    but the sights that lay before you
    destroy your beliefs

    awaken to be
    at one with nothing
    now all will be seen

    the seeds of the weak destroy
    the lies told of forgiving, exposed
    the ignorant, thrown to the wake
    your calling names of gods,
    they are only shrines
    the waves of the truth, enslave
    slaying the blind

    awaken to a light of knowing
    all your truth was lies
    and the faith which you embraced
    has left you blind
    deceived like the fools that surround you
    it came with ease unfulfilled were the days of your being
    but now you will see

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