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    I can turn away and hold my breath a day
    But I can't escape the stench of the lie
    That's haunting my mind
    I won't be free even if I'm deaf, dumb and blind

    All those weary eyes with their wicked smiles
    They come to my dreams, they're watching us now
    They're after my head, they're after my life
    Why can't they stay dead?

    I confess to my sin, reaching deep within
    It comes straight from my heart, where should I start
    In revealing my thoughts, reaching deep within
    I'm just letting it out and letting you in
    Reaching within

    It was so long ago, or was it yesterday
    I can't seem to find a thread in my mind
    A needle that's sharp that will make me whole
    That's mending my soul

    It's hard for me to plead, for your empathy
    When hatred persists, whom can I persuade?
    To forgive and forget
    I threw the stone but I stand alone


    Dig in my head and you'll find what is on my mind
    Take it all out, I insist that it won't be missed
    Wake up the slumbering man,
    Give him time to adapt to your world, I just know he can


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