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    Turning the page, write to cease new ideas
    Thoughts - all duly recorded
    Maybe someday, all the rhymes, given time
    Would get justly rewarded

    So long ago, you don't even know how it started
    So there you go
    Stashing the sketches and drafts of what has become an

    Encyclopedia of all the things you've done
    Expect the media to bother when you're gone

    Hours and hours of sacrifice, no compromise
    Forced as if under orders
    Planning to take land sea and skies, but can't decide
    When to cross the borders

    Encyclopedia of all there is to know
    Encyclopedia - but what is there to show

    The piles just seem to grow
    Is this ambitions one man show
    There's only one man watching you, John Doe
    He's both on stage and in the front row

    Encyclopedia - your one and only friend
    Encyclopedia - will pay off in the end

    Turning around, the objective of the way you lived
    Hypothetical fortune, suddenly found
    You're at the gate - it's too late
    Psychological torture

    So long ago, since you should have put it all out there
    So now you go
    Leaving for us to discover the paths you have tread

    Encyclopedia - all written by his hand
    Encyclopedia - will we ever understand

    Now he will never know
    Swept away by the undertow
    The world is listening now, John Doe
    Come back and reap what you have sown

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