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    Under the dark sky we stand
    Under heavy rain we walk
    Your hand in mine, my eyes in tears
    Here where heaven is forgiven
    Here where tears have no name

    Wet as rain
    I kiss your tears
    Tears don't cry
    They have no name

    As the dark water pours down
    We grow like wild summer roses
    With no sun in sight
    No footsteps left behind
    All this love built on pain
    Still the tears have no name


    The last touch of your cold lips
    That light, that warm desire
    Through the holes of the night
    We slide in the night
    In oceans of heaven
    The tears have no name

    Our eyes filled with black tears of heaven
    Flowers drowned in the darkening oceans
    In solitude we all do the same
    Coz our tears have no name

    The angel of my dream
    Carried away to the stars
    Hurt by your cruelty
    I breath your beauty
    Alone in the rain
    With tears that have no name

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