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    The black iris devours pictures in silence
    The image of devils light my consonance
    The I of consolation
    The eye of consolidation

    Graves are the garden trees
    Dead all flowers and so are we
    Silent moves of the summer flies
    Engraved clouds below divided skies
    Insect influx, the scent of the dogs
    My sweet flower, and insect on the cross


    Darkly wise odour of the evil tongues
    Odious and devious
    I despise
    Jinx of eden
    Black paradise

    Lips of times of secret
    Murmur evil sprouts
    Purges the redeemer

    The angel of voices
    Injected by silence
    Last breath of nails
    Needles and icons
    The eye of consolidation
    The I of consolation
    Taste the lips of ancient pleasures
    Eat the fruit of darkly treasures


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