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    ...and still I dream about the colors

    Or was it smoke that surrounded my thoughts
    When I was sitting in my garden

    That black Monday (momentaaninem
    pimeys, melankolian iisyys)

    Brought flowers and silence, but that
    sunshine is in another aspect
    Nothing But a verbal virus when I welcome the clouds...
    Sub specie aeterni I still am the mechanic hippie
    And the outside is reflected inside me... well
    Am I the shadow of myself, coz I really
    Don't believe in the empty shadows (but
    When I believe then and only then I
    Believethat I am not I) but it's nice
    And relaxing to stand naked by the
    window watching heaven's children falling
    As rain (samalla kun piirtelen viivoja
    veteen ajatusten merenpinta laskee
    alle normaalitason)
    ...but after all take what is needed, so
    children forget heaven...

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