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    From the north, from the south, and from the east and from the west, we
    invoke our ancient gods and goddesses. Bless our conjuration, for we have
    gathered from lands afar. Enhance our perception, through these enchanted
    plants bizarre. Let us see the ganja kingdoms. Let us dive into hash
    clouds. Use our (psychedelically) tainted tongues to caress Shiva's
    writhing marbled body.

    In this sacred desert ground, our tribe surrounded by purple shroud.
    Ram-skinned drums stirring ghosts. The time has come to welcome our host.
    Deeply breathe the magickal incense, of grounded opium and frankincense.
    Let the smoke take you to fluorescent fields, where magnificent creatures
    lay down their shields.

    An orgasmic celebration of flesh ensues. Our eyes luster with desires' hue.
    Copulation grins upon my face, as we cum all over this fuckin' place.

    In the sky the dragon flies. The fabled reptile with ruby eyes has come to
    take us for a ride across the phantasmagoric astral sky.

    Mystical secrets from the past, answers for questions from the centuries
    asked. Reach out to touch the universe, embrace the beauty beyond this

    And we rode the cosmic snake past the gates of mortality, among the gods
    and goddesses, shall we spend eternity.

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