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    Eurus, we call upon the east wind
    Notus, we call upon the south wind
    Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind
    Boreas, we call the north wind
    Spirit mother hear thy pagan son

    On winter solstice night
    Waxing mon reveals a new dawn
    (The) dark king transforms to infant light
    The cycle of ancient times has begun
    IO'EVOHE we are reborn

    Candlemass brings the (growing) child sun
    The triple goddess comes shining down
    As witches sing with inspiration
    Spiral dancing round and round

    The spring equinox rises high
    (The) dark maiden returns to us
    The woods abound with faery goblins
    Pan performs his songs of lust

    Rejoice in the beltane sabbat
    When lilac performes this magickal night
    Naked we leap the sacred fire
    And feast upon fruits and violet wine

    On the day of summer solstice
    The sun king will embrace the litha queen
    And perish in the wake of Lughnasad
    So may a splendid harvest be reaped

    On Mabon we follow the lord of shadows
    The empty season is upon us
    Lady autumn blows leaves of sadness
    Chanting as our offerings turn to dust

    Ancestor wraiths ride on Samhain night
    To proclaim the mystery of passing
    Wearing a death cloak smiles the waning king
    Let us see what the future will bring

    Death is rebirth
    The end brings new beginning
    Ever turning
    The wheel of the Pagan cycle

    Anadia... Klephera... Nuit... Mercury... Hestia...
    Horus... Brigit... Vulcan... Aphrodite... Ea... Isis...
    Akasha... IO EVOHE!

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