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    Are you asleep? Are you in a dream?
    The copper shades of a morning.
    Distant lights beckon and fade.
    Unwritten songs of another day.

    I fear that you would never be
    every song in the world for me.
    Took your hand, led you astray.
    You cursed the worlds I longed to save.

    Is heaven to you a perfect place?
    The look of sorrow on a sufferer's face.
    A field of lives to sow and to reap
    that some of us will never see?

    And why is it I didn't feel the same?
    Are my longings to be blamed
    for not seeing heaven like you would see?
    Why is a song the world for me?

    What is forgiveness?
    It's just a dream -
    What is forgiveness?
    it's everything!

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