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    [Part III: Disciplines of Caine]

    My wrathful cries of anguish
    Filled that dismal night
    I tore at my flesh and drank my crimson tears

    When I glanced up
    Appearing in a myriad of stars
    The illustrious archangel Gabriel shimmered
    Like the moon in my eyes
    Bringing mercy even to the damned

    But why? Why?

    He spoke of a path
    The path of Golconda
    From which my children could once again
    Inhabit the light

    Without another word, he disappeared
    And I conceived
    I had awakened at last

    Then the bright-eyed demoness
    Taught me how to hide from the eyes
    Of those who dare to hunt us
    How to command obedience
    And demand respect

    Soon I found myself attaining (yet) greater powers
    I could alter forms, control all beasts and perceive
    Beyond sight

    Eventually I had to abandon Lilith
    And flee from the barren lands of Nod
    Set out to procreate my progeny
    Caine's children shall inherit the night

    [Part IV: zillah and the crone]

    Of all my children, none so beloved
    My sweet Zillah, none so desired
    Her tender skin, her blood so saccharine
    I was mesmerized by her enchanting eyes

    But she would turn from me, she had no love to me
    Nothing I'd provide could keep her satisfied
    So I took to roam the wilderness alone
    Amid the whispering trees, a wrinkled crone I did see

    Crone: 'My spell can make thee win her heart
    Drink of my blood then we'll start'

    Caine: 'Her (foul) blood I drank for many nights
    And Zillah indeed became my wife'

    Crone: 'The elixir hast bound thee
    My serving thrall thou always be'

    Caine: 'But after a year (and a day) her grasp (on me) had gone
    With a stake through the heart, I left her to the dawn'

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