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    Black clouds fill the day sky
    In the primitive lands of Nod
    As the two sons of Adam offer up
    Their gifts (of pride) to the one reigning high
    A dark fate born by sacrificial fire

    'Oh, great father of my father
    Whom thou banished from thy garden
    Look down upon thy faithful servant
    And accept my beloved brother.'

    With tears of love the firstborn thrust
    His sharpest scythe deep into Abel's heart
    Rendering him lifeless but eternally
    Prized in the mind of god as his body withered
    In the scorching blaze

    'Oh, my dear brother
    Forgive me for what I have done
    But to the one almighty
    A greater prize I have none.'

    'Caine, thou has broken my seal of absolute love
    The crime thou'st committed meets not
    The approval of him above
    Forever shall you wonder in the lands beyond alone
    And from this day forth I cannot call thee my own.'

    'Oh, father my great father
    Why hast thou cursed me so?
    Have I not done what thou asked for?
    To the shadowed woods I cannot go.'

    'I can no longer endure thy sinful words
    This greatly unmerciful deed hast done his wrong
    I pray that thou find ways to repent
    And as I was cast out so you shall be gone!'
    Be gone!

    Exiled, the firstborn rushes off to the obscure yet
    Welcoming arms of Cimmerian darkness
    For there he shall find great wisdom
    And awaiting beneath the crescent moon lurks
    The mother of magick...

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