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    Death herself had chosen me
    To let me watch that gruesome scene
    And she held me in her daunting hand
    Amazed by that macabre view,
    My heart begun to pulse
    Galvanized by horrors that I saw
    The battle was butchering and
    The hordes were rising against each other
    Saving nothing but death
    The dust was rising up in the sky,
    Dead bodies were lying on the ground,
    A deadly mass of fierce warriors fighting
    While the demons were prevailing
    On the sons of god
    They were tuning dirges saying: "DIE!!!
    Meaningless creatures, slaves of the light
    I will triumph for the the evil lives in me!"
    A veil of flames war covering the field
    The bloody battle reached its end
    The ancient warriors got victory in hand
    The Battle of battles was won!
    Her Majesty, the wicked one, was staring at her enemy
    Thunderstrucks resounding once again
    The seven angels holding trumpets disappeared
    god left the field beaten as the earth started to shake...
    It was my dream!!!

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