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    [Music : Aphazel / GroM - Lyrics : GroM]

    I roamed the paths the obscure paths
    that lead to the realms of chaos
    I lowered myself into the abyss of hate
    and ascended the peaks of destruction

    and still I walk these putrid paths
    seeking the spawn of eternal damnation
    my soul's been split like water on sand
    and dry is the life I lead

    for the powers I have are just a curse
    that nibble away at my soul
    for merely greed have I opened the gate
    for the three to enter foretold

    baal mephisto and sheitan are those who offered me valour
    the unholy trinity the brothers of hell
    who spread only sickening glamour

    onwards I march to challenge all hell
    and now i'm before the last seal
    the red misty portal now opens before me
    my mission reverse what i've done
    and face the three the fearsome three
    until victory is all that I have
    my last battle cry is all to be heard
    while I fight under a flaming sky

    a dark curse now broads over the lands
    that aimlessly await what is deemed
    deemed to cast only suffering and death
    to all who live and all who dream

    for I am izual the fallen guardian
    banned from the ancient horadrim
    aeryel and tyrael my brothers now slayed
    for that which my mind had possessed

    dying and doomed I limp into the black
    and the portal it seals behind me
    for I was victorius but banished will be
    due to that which I wished had not been

    the evil unleashed on the world's destiny
    was reversed and the infernal crushed
    three brothers of terror three angels of death
    sworn to be risen again

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