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    Keeper of the Talisman of miraculous, virtues and powers
    Greedy alchemist with inhuman knowledge endowed
    Chosen initiate guardian of the unknown grialic plants
    Prepare the elixir for immortality and rebirth
    Open the portal to the astral gates of science
    Mental illumination drunk from the golden chalice
    "Gaucuma, key to clairvoyance
    Muchamor, shaman's mushroom with mystic visions of truth
    Honda, for the sacred delirious healing rites
    Ayakuasa, death liane of the sorcerers
    Yage, to see through walls and rocks
    Guanata, sweet coma to the journey of no return"
    The secret of divinity lives in this spell
    The laws of creation now in my hands
    Nature speaks to me in her occult tongue
    Reveals to me the keys of her sacred entity
    Etherial energies, the principle of life
    I am the only mortal with the solar eye...
    "The third Eye!"
    Little by little the spiral takes its form
    A vortex of magic sucks me to the core...!

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