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    [Music: Aphazel - Lyrics: GroM]

    by foreign shores we tread our way
    no clue of what's beyond
    a lurking threat unknown to man
    an ancient force of prey

    through time and space we travel on
    our curious natures grow
    an evil dark and frightening place
    where no man should dare to go

    ave aquevale for the neptune towers subside

    we unlock doors unprepared
    to face the horrors far beyond
    as feeble speaks of dust
    we boldly linger on and on

    our souls will burn with flames so high
    and vanquished we will be
    for we are merely strangers
    in this void of misery

    cruched and butchered drained and slayed
    our souls forever scream
    engulfed and severed, tortured and maimed
    with no hope to be free

    anghuishly crying no able of dying
    a curse no one can tell
    forever standed and abandoned
    our souls will burn in hell

    liberate tute meex infernis

    we hear our cries we know our lies
    the punishment is due

    beware and fear that which is near
    and face the world's demise demise

    so far yet close this hidden evil
    a scythe reaping souls
    a breading unportrayable death
    will swallow all mankind

    we have not seen the face of death
    and hell is just a word
    the truth is far much worse and vile
    our existence too absurd

    the fatal verge of no return
    now breached beyond restraint

    how many times must our souls cry
    before we finally learn
    we face what power is out of reach
    until we crash and burn

    a warning's given us
    remain on our home soil
    for furious proxima centauri
    will shred this mortal coil

    shred this coil

    shred this coil

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