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    My wrathful cries of anguish filled that dismal night
    I tore at my flesh and drank my crimson tears

    When I glanced up appearing in a myriad of stars
    the illustrious Archangel Gabriel shimmered
    like the moon in my eyes bringing mercy even to the damned.

    But why? Why?

    He spoke of a path
    The path of Golconda
    from wich my children could once again inhabit the light.

    Without another word,
    he disappeared and I conceived
    I had awakened at last.

    Then the bright-eyed demoness
    taught me how to hide from the eyes
    of those who dare to hunt us.
    How to command obedience and demand respect.

    Soon I found myself attaining (yet) greater powers
    I could alter forms, control all beasts
    and perceive beyond sights.

    Eventually I had to abandon Lilith
    and flee from the barren lands of Nod
    set out to procreate my progeny
    Caine's children shall inherit the night.

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