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    [Music & Lyrics: Aphazel]

    prodigious forces of rage and entropy
    buried in golden seas under lost horizons
    a black hearted creature has now awakened
    and begins to claim his ground

    from the borden of the earth
    secrets cames and rising

    with dragon eyes of the deepest red
    the patron deity on the fated land
    reveals a hunger for vengeance and command
    the lord of the northern sky regains control

    god of storms hail
    the ceaseless one hail
    god of war hail
    the final one hail

    the gruesome creature was rising from the horizon
    bringing forth his winds

    nineteenth dynasty a roaring sky in fury
    the storms now sing his name

    the thunder god is back bringing forth
    a vast force of ancient plagues
    and pandemonium

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