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    [Music: GroM / Aphazel - Lyrics : Deadly Kristin]

    walking by the side of my old tired horse
    after months of blood red battles

    finally on my way back home
    letting myself be dragged by instinct

    in the mist of the cold evening
    I suddenly came across a gorgeous glade
    at the bottom of a roaring crystal waterfall

    an abrupt thirst began to creep inside his throat
    there was nothing he wanted more
    than a sip of that fresh water

    fast I ran towards the enchanted oasis
    but suddenly my sight was raptured by a blazing image

    at the bottom of the spring
    a pale and charming maid was laying

    singing sweet melodies
    captured by her perfect beauty I stood still

    bewitched by her flaming eyes
    and then I dared to ask her name

    innocent eyes
    already bewitched by my infernal beauty

    another pure soul will soon be corrupted

    after an eternity of stone cold silence
    the magnificent creature spoke to me

    but her words I could not understand

    je suis la belle dame sans merci
    ton sang sera mon vin ton coeur ma vie

    in the abyss of the cursed souls
    in the abyss of the cursed souls

    in the abyss of the cursed souls
    in the abyss of the cursed souls

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